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"The Clog Lady"

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(Still under major construction:)
Welcome to the unique world of Painted Dansko Clogs!

This site is designed to intrigue the adventurous, daring Dansko clog wearer.  Here, you will find one-of -a-kind clogs that are sure to grab everyone's attention.  Each clog is uniquely painted by hand, so no two pairs are the same.  Join the rapidly growing obsession with these made-to-order clogs.  Order some I have already painted, send me a request for a specific design, or let me design something just for you.

Dansko clogs, as you well know, are wonderful and tend to sell themselves.  We have added a special touch to these already amazing clogs.  Each pair of clogs is meticulously hand painted and is as unique as the individual who dares to wear.  The clogs are painted with paint designed to last long through many years of wear.  The artist uses a special painting technique to create her own detailed designs made especially for the customer.  These clogs are great to wear for work or play and the creative designs are definitely a conversation starter.  Each pair comes with special care instructions to keep your clogs looking as great as the day you opened the box.

Warning: Individual may experience overload of questioning when wearing these clogs.  One should be prepared to answer!


Disclaimer: In no way are we affilliated with Dansko, Inc.  These hand painted clogs are not endorsed by Dansko.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

"The Clog Lady"